Lumantek VS6 ez-Pro 6×1 Seamless Switcher




Lumantek VS6 ez-Pro 6×1 Seamless Switcher

Bring your live production with Seamless Video Switching, ez-Pro VS6 has strong features, extremely easy operation for even non-professional users,most cost-effective way to apply CG for the live concerts, house of worship, conferences and more! Whenever you’ re doing live events with HD resolution broadcasting, then simply apply our ez-PRO VS6 to HD signal for amazing quality. Also enjoy our compact console which included in our package.


  • Video Input: SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75Ω) x6
  • Fill Input: SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75 Ω) x1
  • Key Input: SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75 Ω) x1
  • Audio Input: Stereo XLR x2


  • Video Output: SD/HD-SDI(BNC 75Ω) x5(PGMx2, Cleanx1, AUXx2)
  • Multiview Output: HDMI x1, (1080P @60/50, 720p @ 60/50, 576P @50, 480P @60)
  • Internal Processing: 4:2:2 10bit

Resolution supported

  • 1920 x 1080i @ 59.94/60/50
  • 1280 x 720p @ 59.94/60/50
  • 720 x 576i @ 50 (625i)
  • 720 x 480i @ 59.94 (525i)


  • Control Buttons @ Front: Input select x6, Output select x2, Menu select x1,
  • Key select x1, Transition select x1
  • LCD @ Front: Status & Control
  • LED @ Front: Easy to Identify Device Status
  • USB @ Rear: Easy to use GUI application, Firmware Update


  • Dimension:44(H) X 483(W) X 240(D)(excluding connectors)
  • Power Input: 115~240VAC @ 50/60Hz, Operation Temperature: 0~40℃
  • Power Consumption: 30W(max.), Weight: 3.1 kg


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