the Rick and Morty™ Collector’s Chess Set


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Find the hilarious grandfather-grandson duo, the rest of the Smith family, alternate versions of themselves, and more of the irreverent cast standing in as 32 full color chess pieces on a bold, portal fluid-green checkered game board.

King Rick and Queen Morty lead the “good” side with appropriately mischievous and bemused expressions, passive-aggressive Beth and distracted Summer act as Bishops, Snuffles and Birdperson stand by as Knights, while Squanchy and Jerry offer comic relief as Rooks. Could you use some Mr. Meeseeks as movers in the forefront? Caaan do!

On the opposite “evil” side of the board, the same blue disposable do-gooders are rather Distressed pawns, complete with sweat drips and frothing frowns. Behind them are Evil King Rick and Evil Queen Morty. Post-Apocalyptic Summer and Beth’s Mytholog are unsettling Bishops, Snowball and Phoenix are Knights, and Gearhead and Jerry Mytholog are laughable Rooks. Each piece is weighty vinyl plastic with attention to detail that true fans of the show won’t miss.


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