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The Marvel Bishoujo collection, bringing you new interpretations of familiar superheroes and villains, returns with one of the most popular characters to debut in the last few years, SPIDER-GWEN!    On  a  parallel  Earth  it  was  Gwendolyne “Gwen”  Stacy,  not  Peter  Parker,  who was bitten by a radioactive spider and given superpowers, and in turn she became a heroine first named Spider-Woman but better known as Spider-Gwen.  She has all of the same abilities as Earth-616’s Spider-Man  but  with  her  own  flair  and  a  costume  that  instantly  made  her  a  hit.    Kotobukiya  brings  you  that fantastic  design  in  a  Bishoujo  Statue  based  on  a  new  character  interpretation  by  Japanese  illustrator Shunya Yamashita! The web-slinging hero of her world, Spider-Gwen is  captured in the middle of the action as she swings through the air.  The daring heroine comes in for a landing on one outstretched leg while she reaches out to launch a new web from her left hand in the classic web shooter pose.  Gwen wears her immediately recognizable  costume,  the  amazing  black,  white,  and  pink  skintight  bodysuit  with  web  designs  on  her arms  and  torso  along  with  bright  blue  footwear.    Best  of  all,  you  have  two  very  different  options  for displaying  Spider-Gwen  thanks  to  included  interchangeable  parts.    

Use  the  hooded  head  to  keep  her identity secret behind the sleek pink and white mask or choose the bare-headed look to show off Gwen’s beautiful Bishoujo-styled smiling face and long blonde hair! Spider-Gwen stands 8 ¾ inches tall (1/7 scale) on a specially designed display base.  Get the hottest new arachnid-inspired heroine for your collection before Spider-Gwen swings away!



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