Catan: Traders & Baraberians Expansion


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This expansion adds a little bit of everything to the game of Catan, giving you no end of new ways to play that can be combined with each other and other Catan expansions. There are 4 new variants and 5 new scenarios.

New Variants
Two-player Rules
Catan Event Cards that can be used instead of dice
Harbormaster Victory Point reward
Friendly Robber

New Scenarios
The Fishermen of Catan: Gain fish resources from a lake or ocean tiles.
The Rivers of Catan: Two Rivers cross Catan that can be bridged and panned for gold.
The Caravans: Adds desert caravans marked by camel pieces.
Barbarian Attack: Fend off invading barbarians with your knights.
Traders & Barbarians: Send your wagons along roads to collect special goods.


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